29.5 F
Saint Paul
Saturday, April 4, 2020

30k views? Wow. Nobody me?

My first 30k views on a song. I'm so happy. Thanks to you listeners. I never thought any of my song would ever reach this number. I'm so low key and not a 🌟. Thanks for reminding me even a normal nobody like me could hit 30k. 💞💖💕💓💗❤😍😚😘🍻 I'm so inspired now.

Call to Arms

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The perfect place to relax.

This photo is the perfect harmony of peace, inspiration and beauty. The 3 key to the perfect paradise. I wish someday i can live in a little house like this in a place as beautiful.

Spring, a time of renewel.

It's been a cold spring this year. The strangest thing I love about this odd weather is that I don't get to see the beautuful early blossoms. Those budding flowers and trees give me the blues. I hope though that spring does it's magic and re-inspires me to make that next song.