CHM – Hmong Secret War Documentary Music Video – Hmong Lub Kua Muag (Music Cover Hmong Songs Hmong Music)


The Hill Tribe Hmongs, their struggles during and after the secret war in Laos.

This video is a just a very small compilation of photos and videos showing what took place not too long ago.

The Secret War.

note: All content in this video is used for purely Educational, Non-Profit & Documentary purposes only and is Protected under the fair use law.

The Song used in this video is based on a heart touching song created and written by a group of young singers from Oklahoma.

Vocals by Akinew Her & her sister.
Vocals by Lee Xiong.
Thanks to Hmong Oklahoma Collaboration for their wonderful talent and inspiration. It’s been a pleasure playing their song.
Please take time to visit an support them on their positive mission to spread the Hmong cause:)
Hmong Oklahoma:

Guitar & Song Instructions, How to play this song. A great tutorial. Make your own instrumental:)

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