Please subscribe!


Thanks for those that listen and support me. Without you I would have never reached this subscriber count.

I know I’m asking a lot from my listeners but please click that subscriber button in the video and help me get a better ranking so my channel can grow. Comments, likes also help a ton.

Currently 90% of you that listen to my music are not subscribing and yet you are listening. I am very grateful and happy for that but I do need those subscriber counts to gain a better ranking on youtube otherwise youtube will never show my videos when people search. I will never showup as suggestion either. Basically my content is living in a cave somewhere in youtube country never to be seen.

For example in search the most terrible content will still appear instead of my music because they simply have more subscribers.

So if you want to hear more music from me, please help subscribe. It really matters a lot to me.

Thanks – CHM


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