CHM – Cog Lus Haus Ntshav Tes – Rainy Mai ( Hmong Song , Hmoob Song , Hmong Halloween )


Koj Twb Tau Cog Lus Haus Ntshav Tes Nrog Kuv Tag Lawm – Rainy

Long story short, guy leaves his girl and she commits suicide, dies, turning into a ghost undead witch and comes back to take him through their BLOOD CONTRACT.

I hear a lot about the blood curse if you drinks each other’s blood, one can come take the other after they die and so I decided to write a song on that topic. This was a simple song and we didn’t spend much time on it so hope you enjoy.

We did this song in a rush and didn’t spend too much time on it because we have a FALL song on the way so enjoy it.

All media in this video is licensed 😎.

© Copyright – Original Song by Rainy Mai
© Copyright – Original Music by CHM

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